Book an appointment with me:

In-person psychotherapy appointments (60 min sessions, available Mon-Wed from 9am-5pm):

-Visit the link above to contact HUM, get familiar with the team, and read about the comprehensive intake assessment

*With the multidisciplinary, multi-point comprehensive intake assessment, the first appointment is a mental health screening and assessment completed by a nurse, the second appointment is with a psychologist or social worker where they provide their assessment as well, and finally there is an assessment by a physician

*Note as this is a non-AHS facility, nurse/psychologist/social worker services are not covered by Alberta Health and have associated costs, however physician appointments are always covered by Alberta Health

*Read more about the comprehensive intake here and the associated fees as well as the clinic cancellation policy

Virtual psychotherapy appointments (60 min sessions):

*Note virtual clinic appointments are by referral only, and with limited availability--please visit the website above for more detail

*In-person and virtual services require a valid Alberta Health Card